Asko Lax, Pioneer of Environment-friendly Architecture

Architect and industrial designer Asko Lax has over 30 years of experience in designing wooden buildings. With finished projects in over 10 countries, he is the leading expert for massive industrially manufactured log housing worldwide.

Challenging projects are a large part of Asko Lax’ production. Private housing is consistently in great demand and bigger projects such as hotels are steadily growing in number. It is not uncommon for the building sizes to range from small chalets to over 10,000 square meters. His clientele includes head of states as well as private house owners who all share a common appreciation for health, safety and natural values.

Finland is the world’s leading country in both design and production of log housing, and locally produced high quality close grain pinewood used as raw material is readily available. State of the art production facilities have a high level of technical expertise and stability which enables fast, affordable deliveries to anywhere in the world.

Hundreds of years of experience alongside with science have proven wood to be a clean, safe and healthy construction material. Experiencing the energy influence of massive wood around helps improve the balance of body and mind, creating ideal conditions for relaxation.

Aside from it’s health advantages, the material provides added safety benefits in areas that are seismically active. A building made from wood is flexible and it can take on a large impact without collapsing. In a recent earthquake in Italy, all concrete buildings collapsed, whereas the houses made from massive wood escaped with relatively little damage.

In 2008 in Sichuan, China, over a 1000 schools were destroyed or badly damaged in an earthquake that shook the province during one afternoon causing enormous destruction. Using wood as the principle building material could help protect children’s safety in the future.

Cement manufacturing is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Most countries, China included, are now seeking greener alternatives. Massive wood has outstanding technical qualities and does not release dangerous particles or chemical fumes in the air, making it a superb choice. To guarantee nature is not harmed in the production process, new trees are planted where wood was cut in order making massive wood a truly sustainable option.

Designing wooden buildings requires vast knowledge of the material as well as established relationship with manufacturers. With his expertise in the field, Asko Lax warmly recommends wood as a material for all types of buildings. The modern log house combines hundreds of years of tradition with modern technology and timeless design. With the architect's experience and knowledge it is possible to achieve an end result that exceeds the customers expectations.

If the house fits in seamlessly with surrounding nature and looks as if it has always been part of the landscape, the design is a success. "  - Asko Lax